Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Horrible Secret

Jim Baker aka Father Yod believed that we all possess a soul or spirit which only occupies the human body---a belief found in many Eastern philosophies, and so because of that belief; Baker constantly 'taught' or spoke about how death should be viewed as 'a release' or a 'liberation' of the soul or spirit from the physical plane and should be welcomed, since he believed it gave the soul an opportunity to view it's 'river of life' before it passed on or was reincarnated into another body or even to another plane of existence.  That is what Father Yod believed---that death should be seen and viewed as something to embrace and even looked forward to, and so he taught that death and dying was a welcome relief from this physical existence.  He even believed that everyone in The Source Family when they died would be reborn on the star or planet of Sirius to be reunited there with him.

The belief in the soul/spirit being set free or liberated by death became the pervading belief within The Source Family.  So, when two infants who were born at The Father House in Los Angeles began to show signs of distress and needing medical attention it came as no surprise that Father Yod saw the prospect of either of them leaving the body ie dying an acceptable alternative.  Father Yod believed that the souls or spirits of those infants would make the choice whether to remain in their bodies (live) or 'leave their bodies' (die) to have their souls or spirits reborn at a future date, and so, the normal responses when an infant shows signs of needing medical help or attention were not present, due to the 'magical and transcendent' belief system of Father Yod.

Father Yod did not believe in The Source Family members using any outside medical treatment, and that if it resulted in death then that would be seen and viewed as a liberation for that person's soul---that was the belief system that Father Yod put into place in The Source Family, and that was the belief system which ended up costing the lives of two infants at The Father House.  But, those infant deaths have all but been ignored and glossed over, during the retelling of the story and in the many interviews that have been given in the media coverage surrounding Father Yod and The Source Family after the 2012 film was released. The deaths of two infants who did not receive any medical attention and who died due to the erroneous and harmful edict of Father Yod is something that is severely underplayed, in the hopes by some former members that it will be forgotten.

It is those tiny skeletons in The Source Family closet which is the most shameful and horrible secret of the entire story, and one that those former family members who are intent on promoting Father Yod and Source Family products and merchandise would rather the public not ever know about.  But, it is my feeling that once and for all it finally needs to be told in order to prevent anyone else from following or adopting any of the so-called 'teachings' of Father Yod.  It is also the number one reason why I will never condone the push to promote or sell Jim Baker aka Father Yod as being either a cultural hero or a holy man.  It is time that the truth comes out about how two infants died, because they were denied medical treatment by their parents who were under the 'spell' or 'brainwashing' of Father Yod and his detrimental and deluded belief system that his followers not seek or use modern medicine of any kind.

Somewhere on a hillside in Los Angeles near what was The Father House are buried two tiny casualties of Father Yod's Source Family.  Also, to add insult to injury; Father Yod even banished one of the mothers to a tent on the grounds where ants would soon envelope her infant, because Father Yod didn't want to be disturbed by the incessant crying of that infant.  The other woman whose infant died just languished and suffered in misery, clutching and holding her baby until his last breath.  Both of those children would have been my own son's age by now had they received medical treatment and given a chance to survive, but that didn't happen and their story has all but been hidden, buried or forgotten in the fevered desire by some to turn Father Yod and The Source Family into a household name as being an example of healthy, enlightened living representative of a 'new age' of 'aquarian' lifestyle and values.  I don't think so.