Sunday, November 1, 2015

Joining The Source Family

When I first joined The Brotherhood of The Source (it's original name) in 1970, it was a fun and rather exciting experience.  It was all so different; gathering together at dawn every morning to 'meditate' and listen to Jim Baker speak and espouse his 'teachings' based on his book Liberation, adopting a 'new age' persona in wearing all white clothing, keeping our hair long and looking more biblical with each passing day.  Finding not only a seemingly hip, older 'spiritual father', but a livelihood as well; an immediate oasis or refuge from the streets of LA to the warm and welcoming cocoon-like life in Jim Baker's 'aquarian' family.  There was no exam, no entrance fee, nothing needed in order to qualify anyone for joining the brotherhood.  All that was required of anyone was attending morning meditation, and usually working in The Source Restaurant.  Otherwise, pretty much anyone who wanted could join The Source Family, which also attracted some bizarre personalities.  Anyone even showing a passing interest, who may have only attended a class or two is now considered 'a source family' member, though.  Bud Cort, the actor was one of those people.  He never actually joined the family, nor did he ever live with the rest of us.  In fact, I believe that he only showed up for class once or twice, when classes were still being held in the Source Restaurant, prior to all of us moving into The Mother House.  Yet, his name is listed as having been a Source Family member; and quite a long list it has become.  It has grown to ludicrous proportions.  There was an open door policy, though; so anyone could come and go; leave whenever they wanted and even return if they wanted.  So, many people came and went over the six years that The Source Family was in existence.  Although, for those who are keeping track, whether someone spent one hour or one day; they are still considered a member of The Source Family.  So, longevity or lack of also did not exclude anyone from being listed as a Source Family member.  Funnily, this exact same kind of belief continues to this day, by a few who desire to keep the entire thing going; and so anyone who wishes to adopt Jim Baker as their 'spiritual father', or simply has become a fan or follower is adopted into The Source Family!  Amazing how that works.  Absolutely anyone who chooses to adopt Father Yod as their 'earthly spiritual father', even though the man has been dead for over forty years; can still become a member of The Source Family!  But, I believe that is how a religion is formed, by former devotees of a supposedly holy or spiritual leader continuing to proliferate and spread the words and 'teachings' of their hero or spiritual leader in the hopes that others will follow the same path.  Nothing brings some more joy, than to see other people copying or emulating in either speech or dress their beloved, but deceased spiritual leader.  But, the truths and realities behind the facade or outward appearance of The Source Family is, in my view; what the public should know about, before they decide to idealize, copy or emulate Jim Baker's 'aquarian family.'  When an entire group of people all adopt the same clothing, the exact same appearance or look in behavior and speech; it's a pretty good indication of a cult and not one big happy family, as some would have you believe of The Source Family.