Friday, November 20, 2015

The Source Family No Longer Exists

I wanted to do a post for the benefit of those who have been given the impression that The Source Family still exists or that it is still a functioning group, which is just not true.  I will explain what happened to cause the resurgence to promote Father Yod and The Source Family.  In the early 1990's Sky Saxon (lead singer for The Seeds), and a former long-time family member decided that they would try and profit off the Yahowha 13 albums and so the two of them decided to make a box set of all the albums making a deal with a Japanese label, regardless of the fact that Sky (known as Arelich) had only performed on one of the albums, and the other former family member had never performed on any of the albums or written any of the songs....they just both felt a sense of entitlement to release a box set with no compensation going to any of the songwriters or musicians!

It is my feeling, that a bad precedent was set when these two individuals released and profited off the box set of all the music that had been produced at The Father House back in 1973, which made it all more enticing for others to want to do the same, especially since none of the songwriters or musicians were monetarily compensated for the release and sales of that box set.  Although Sky Saxon is still considered a former member of The Source Family, he never actually lived with the group, because Father Yod would not allow Sky's dogs, but he did make an occasional appearance spend a day or two and then left.

After the box set came out, a couple of other former members saw that money could be made from the sale of the music that had been produced during a brief window of time when the entire group was living together in Los Angeles, and who then decided that a for-profit corporation should be created, under the guise of 'protecting the family music' when in truth it was to help facilitate two individuals gaining some kind of control over the music and the entire Source Family narrative, and so 'the source foundation' was formed, along with placing two former family members in the positions of President and Vice President (for life).  With the prospect of money and notoriety to be had, a book and the consequent documentary were made by the same two individuals who were leading the newly formed 'source foundation'.  That is how the whole resurgence and regurgitation of Father Yod and The Source Family began.

But, until then most of us who had been in The Source Family had hoped that the entire thing would just be left in the dustbin of the past and be forgotten, and so the statement made by one who is leading the charge how The Source Family 'was all but flatlined' was not because the group was on some kind of hiatus, but was because most former members have just been too embarrassed to have their family members, friends or children find out about them having been in a cult!

The truth is there are really only two people who are behind the push to promote and sell Father Yod and The Source Family to the general public, as being 'forerunners of a new age' and any or all of the websites proclaiming to be 'the official site' for 'The Source Family' making statements such as, 'this site represents The Source Family' is simply not true, and also extremely misleading.  The Source Family no longer exists----it ended the day that Jim Baker jumped off the cliff on Oahu and subsequently died, although much like a body on life support some tried to keep it alive for another year.

Any website proclaiming to be representative of The Source Family, or Father Yod, or Yahowha are the creation of just one individual, who is intent on spreading the so-called 'teachings' of 'Yahowha' and selling source family merchandise, but who certainly does not represent the entire group of former members.  I am one of those former Source Family members and nothing that this person says or proclaims is representative of me!  None of the websites named Father Yod or Source Family are representative of my present views or opinions, but are only the views and opinions of one person, a person who spent less than six months in The Source Family at the very end and the small handful of zealous former members, who are now following that person's lead.  Any website that represents itself as being a Source Family website is misleading and misrepresentative in order to give the impression that the entire body of former family members are behind their site, even taking and using a photograph from forty years ago that has since been photoshopped to add themselves into the photograph to give the appearance of an entire group of people only lends to the misrepresentation.

Just like in the Wizard of Oz there is only one man behind the curtain pulling all the strings, in order to present himself as being the 'new leader or head' of the defunct Source Family.  But, it is my feeling that it is misleading to give people the appearance that there is something to join or become part of.  Oh, you can become a fan or a follower of the 2012 film, and perhaps someone might even give you an honorary 'Aquarian' name!  But, people need to know that there is no longer a Source Family, and certainly nothing to join.

In my mind, the only true liberation (the title of Jim Baker's book) that I felt after spending six years in The Source Family cult was when it finally ended in 1976.  So, I urge anyone who is interested in finding out more about The Source Family to understand and know this----that there are only a very small handful of people who are intent on perpetuating a mythos around Jim Baker in order to either disseminate his so-called teachings or to sell merchandise and so it is only a few people who desperately want the public to shower them with accolades and praise, and even bask in their presence simply for having been members of The Source Family cult forty years ago.

Seriously, that was exactly what two former family members who were behind the documentary were offering when it came out in 2012----the opportunity for someone to pay money to have dinner with them!  The fact that these two people think so highly of themselves that it would be an 'honor' for someone to have dinner with them, was simply beyond the pale for the other former Source Family members like myself who witnessed the humongous egocentric behavior of these two individuals; one of whom had only spent less than six months in the group at the very end, yet see themselves as an authority on the entire experience.  I don't think so.