Friday, November 6, 2015

A Colossal Mistake

Les Adam, or Rhythm as he was called in The Source Family died recently, but he and I had several conversations over the past couple of years about our most vivid memories of being in The Source Family and one of his most profound memories was when he recounted being kicked out by 'the council' which was the ruling body of Jim Baker's 'women' and given $50 and told to leave the group.  Les was forced to leave behind his infant son and his son's mother, because he did not want them to follow him out onto the streets of Honolulu, with only $50 dollars in his pocket not knowing where he was going, or what he was going to do next.  

All of that because of a simple misunderstanding between Les and a local man.  After Jim Baker died and Makushla became the ersatz 'head' of 'the family', all of the pandering and fawning that had been showered on Father Yod/Yahowha was then shifted to her. Although a couple of the more aggressive and self-serving 'council women' manipulated the decisions of the new 'head' of the floundering Source Family who was being bolstered and held up and advised by the more aggressive 'council' women who had been trying to run 'the family' for quite some time and who were now given free reign to do as they pleased which was to dictate how the Source Family members should behave or act, meting out their own form of justice.

In what was a simple miscommunication between Les and a local man who had befriended a couple of 'family' members and who had started attending morning class, because the local man found his bicycle missing one morning, because Les had taken and ridden the bike to 'class' or morning meditation in what was a complete misunderstanding.  Les wasn't stealing the man's bike, nor did he have any malicious intent in taking and using the man's bike, but because the local man was providing financial assistance to the council of Yahowha's women----they sided with him and made the decision to kick Les out of the family in order to teach him a lesson when primarily it was to show their unanimous support for the new convert who was providing them with financial assistance. 

Les, who had been a Source Family member for years had contributed volumes to the entire body of albums and music that were produced at The Father House in Los Angeles, and who was once one of Jim Baker's most valued sons was cast out and made to leave by 'the council' of women headed by Makushla. This was just one example of the kind of justice meted out by Jim Baker's 'council' of women both during and after his death in one glaring self-serving bias after another by the group of women who became, what I considered the overlords of The Source Family.  

A couple of these women continue to see themselves as being 'wives' and 'women' of "Yahowha", because they desperately want to try and keep up the artifice, some continuing to pay reverence and respect to Makushla---the woman who Jim Baker replaced his wife, Robin Baker with as his numero uno woman, in a continued pandering and reinforcing Makushla as being Jim Baker's or rather 'Yahowha's Mother/Angel' by some in their desire to keep the 'cult of Yahowha' alive and well.  

Mother/angel was a term used by Jim Baker to denote 'his women' or the women whom he began to acquire around him.  If a woman was designated as only being an 'angel', that meant she only served a son, and not the great leader Jim Baker.  But, my feeling is that the women who continue to refer to themselves as being a 'woman of Yahowha' really need to get over themselves, because the reality is no such thing exists, and was a sham and false pretense to begin with! 

It is my feeling any woman who still considers herself one of the 'wives' or 'women of Yahowha' would do better to shower their love and devotion on the men or husbands they have in their present lives, rather than continuing to worship or exalt Jim Baker, a man who towards the end of his life realized what a colossal mistake that he had made in accumulating so many women around him, along with the entire dependent, indigent and ineffectual group of followers that he had acquired and just wanted out.

I created a video comprised of famous paintings of women to showcase Les Adam's (Rhythm's) beautiful and haunting song Woman---a song that was also used in the 2012 film, but where Les received no credit.  Les wrote the song and performed on this track.  Woman is also included on the 1973 album titled All Or Nothing At All in which none of the individual songwriters in 'the family' at the time received credit for either their songs or their performances, but rather was titled 'Father Yod and The Spirit of '76' to convey all credit to 'Father Yod' while obscuring the identities of the people who actually made the music!  Welcome to cult mentality at its finest.

Another of Les Adam's songs written and performed while in The Source Family titled Edge of A Dream, also featured on the Savage Sons of Yahowa album.

This song Welcome To The Country written and performed by Les Adam, was one of the songs presented to A&M Records who were interested in signing Breath to a record deal, but after Father Yod was told that A&M Records was not willing to make it a Source Family contract, but were only willing to sign the individual musicians; he/Father Yod said no and put the kibosh on the whole thing!