Monday, November 2, 2015

The Brainwashing of Cults

I am going to attempt to explain how the majority of women who were in The Source Family, especially the women with babies and small children, were placed in an extremely helpless and vulnerable position within the social structure of the group, with the help of the excellent explanations on cult mind control that I have included. From day one, Jim Baker espoused that women were like the moon; changeable, emotional, and dependent on their man, or sun (using the life-giving rays of the sun as a metaphor for man) for everything in their lives.  Jim Baker also believed that women were emotionally ill-equipped to deal with the outside world, and so he did not want to see any of the women in the family working in the outside world, or the maya (maya In Vedic philosophy meaning the limited, physical reality) exposed to all the negative vibrations of the big, bad outside world or the sexual lust of men who were not in 'the family' brainwashing us all into adopting and integrating his worldview of a woman's role, as being our own.  But, this is what happens in a cult, and that is what happened in The Source Family.  The majority of people who joined The Source Family adopted Jim Baker's words and 'teachings'/worldview as being their own.  Also, most of us gave up all our belongings upon joining the family and so we no longer owned cars or had money of our own (although, it turned out some still did), or conventional clothing and shoes, much less underwear.  No one had what was considered normal or acceptable clothing or attire, or the resources in which to go out and look for work, even if any of us had wanted to; it was just not possible, under the circumstances that we had all found ourselves.  Which is why when one of the most devoted male followers of Jim Baker recently stated that the women who were in The Source Family, who suffered under the directives of Father Yod had been responsible for themselves and should have gone out to look for work an absurd thing to say.  But his statement highlights perfectly the continued refusal of some former Source Family members in admitting or accepting the fact that The Source Family was a cult, and that we all were brainwashed into adopting and accepting the particular roles for men and women, as laid out by Jim Baker in the formation of his 'Aquarian family.'  In fact, some of the men who were in the family blame the women for everything that went wrong within the group, rather than placing any blame on their hero, Jim Baker.  But then men in The Source Family were seen as 'gods' or 'suns' where a woman's only role in life was to 'serve and inspire' her God man, or sun ie son.  The word 'serve' was the exact term used by Jim Baker.  A woman's role of 'serving' a son in The Source Family included making his meals and serving it to him, doing his laundry, giving him foot and full body massages, making him clothing, to performing 'sex magic' as prescribed by Jim Baker.  I observed a preferential treatment and coddling of several of the men by Jim Baker; one where no doubt a good ole' boy mentality began to play out between Jim Baker and his 'sons' in who could attract or keep the most women, because Jim Baker would continually point out or brag about how women were only attracted to the most powerful and constant 'sun' meaning himself.  Because attracting women, or 'angels' as Jim Baker referred to any potential new female member was of paramount importance to him.  Jim Baker was constantly trolling and looking for new prospective 'angels' to join the ranks of the other women within The Source Family.  Which, by the way; when Jim Baker performed with Yahowha 13 at a local high school of all places; seemed so glaringly inappropriate to me!  Jim Baker was trolling for new female converts at a local high school!  Which also begs the question of why would a principal allow the leader of a cult to sing and perform on their campus!  That still baffles me.  So, considering the treatment that Jim Baker expected the women, or 'angels' to perform for his 'sons'; it came as no surprise when I came under attack by a couple of these men, who were in The Source Family who do not want to hear what I have to say, or any other woman who was in The Source Family, who openly speaks out or talks about their hero in a disparaging way.  But, after forty years; I feel that it is time that the truth about what really went on in The Source Family is told or exposed; as being the cult that it was, and not the 'new age' ideal Aquarian family or tribe of leaders or 'forerunners of the Aquarian Age' that some are trying to foist upon the public.  In fact, more people got into drugs and alcohol immediately after the family dispersed; than I care to know about; and if some want to promote The Source Family as being representative of a 'new age' where only light and love prevail, that is their prerogative; but mine is to present a more realistic and honest view about what life was like in this particular 'new age' cult; especially the malaise that engulfed the women who existed in a kind of helpless limbo where their only role was to be obedient and serve a man.  The following statement was one that Jim Baker told the women they were to say, if they found themselves embroiled in an argument or disagreement with their 'man', "You are right.  I am wrong.  It is the will of God."  The following statements about brainwashing were taken from the website that I've included below.

To varying degrees, believers can experience a sort of refined mania of inspiration, almost like a drug high, when they are in the hubris phase, identifying with their imaginary idealized new self, with its enhanced understanding and kindness, etc. This inspiration is pleasant and even intoxicating in itself, and it may also be interpreted as a sign of spiritual progress, as a glimpse of a higher reality, or as evidence of the truth of the belief system. This is all part of the circular, solipsistic, self-validating nature of a cult belief system.
The most effective mind-control is the kind that isn't recognized by the victim as any kind of manipulation. You don't feel it, you think you are in control.
Briefly, this is how it works. A cult promotes its cultish belief system, and then believers control their own minds, as they train their minds and reform their personalities, in accordance with the tenets of their cultish new belief system.
Understanding the disorientating, drug-like nature of a cult belief system and worldview is the key to understanding cult mind control.
Cults promote a belief system which is utopian and idealistic, and also dualistic and bi-polar in nature. Dualistic, in the sense that they tend to see the world in terms of two opposite poles, such as pure good and evil, the saved and the fallen, the enlightened and the ignorant, etc.
Cult belief systems are also bi-polar in psychological terms, rather like Bi-polar disorder or manic-depression. Cults promote a vision of an ideal 'new life' or 'new self', which members believe they can attain by following the cult teachings.

I also wanted to include a wonderful presentation about the evolution of cults by Margaret Thaler Singer, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and emeritus adjunct professor at the University of California, Berkeley, who counseled and interviewed more than 3,000 current and former cult members, relatives and friends.  As she went through the list of conditions of a cult; I was blown away at how succintly all of the conditions described The Source Family cult.