Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Protective Role of A Father

Once in awhile, I get an email from someone who wants to know more about 'Yahowha' or The Source Family and they ask me, if I would be willing to share something.  Of course, I send them a link to this blog, warning them that if they're hoping to find a magical and glowing endorsement; they won't find it on my blog.  It's painful to watch people begin to follow 'Yahowha' though; people who have been fed a steady diet of 'spiritual' embellishment about the man, along with exaggerations about 'life in the source family' that leaves out anything that might be considered untoward or disturbing.  But, feeding people only magical, happy, glowing accounts about Father Yod and The Source Family is deceptive; it is simply not being honest.  Although, I do understand why people choose to block out the harsher realities of things; opting for a more idealized, Pollyannaism view thinking and believing that they have to be uber positive, happy and uplifting about virtually everything, in order to feign some kind of 'spiritual' consciousness.  By blocking out anything that is unsavory or disturbing and presenting only the happy and ideal aspects of something is symptomatic of many 'new age' thinkers or cosmically-conscious spiritual seekers; some people who see themselves as 'channels' of love and light often block out the realities of life, which places them in a perpetual state of disconnect or delusion; a delusion which becomes impossible to maintain.  Choosing to only use magical thinking towards every aspect of life, while completely ignoring or blocking out anything that is harmful, unhealthy or detrimental only succeeds in perpetuating a delusional state of mind which often excuses bad behavior and detrimental practices, rather than god-forbid finding fault in someone or something or worse being labeled as 'negative.'  Most people would rather bury their heads in the sand, along with anything from the past that is sordid or unsavory, in favor of adopting a fairyland perspective, after all it's a much happier and ideal scenario.  But, the wrong kinds of behavior often continue unchecked; as long as people refuse to take a critical look at something.  When 'new age' thinkers and 'spiritual' seekers stop using critical thinking choosing to ignore and block out anything that conflicts with their happy Pollyanna, magical view of things; they are perched on a precipice of delusional disorder.  Some people want to have the mystically magnified illusion of 'Yahowha' and The Source Family reinforced, in their yearnings to find someone and something to idolize; but I cannot give that to them, because babies died in The Source Family, due to the beliefs & teachings of 'Yahowha'; something which I refuse to block out or ignore in exchange for hero-worshipping the man.  A man who was deemed as being our 'earthly spiritual father' became more consumed with his 'spiritual children' following and abiding by his 'teachings' and 'beliefs'; than concerned with the fact that infants might die without medical attention.  Because no matter what 'magic' or wonder that anyone may claim to have experienced, during the time they spent in The Source Family and no matter how much so-called 'wisdom' some profess to having gained from following Father Yod; none of it outweighs the fact that women lost their babies, because they followed and adopted the misguided 'teachings' of 'Yahowha.'  Whether anyone believes or feels that 'Yahowha' was the living embodiment of Christ, or had the ability to channel 'the word of God'; none of that matters when faced with the reality that he believed an infant was better off dying and it's soul 'being liberated', than receiving medical treatment of any kind.  What kind of father does that?  What kind of father would stand around and listen to infants scream and cry, while ensconced in their own comfortable surroundings being waited on by multiple, adoring females who prostrated themselves at his feet 24/7? Most fifty-year-old men who are fathers, especially of young girls would have paused and considered what impact it might have in a young woman's life by engaging in sexual relations with her.  Just because a young girl/woman consents to a fifty-year-old man sexually penetrating her; doesn't make it ok; even if some kind of magical or spiritual meaning is attached to the act; at least not any father that I would honor on Father's Day; which is exactly what one new follower of 'Yahowha' did on his facebook wall; he posted a photo of 'Yahowha' honoring him and presenting him as the ideal example of fatherhood!  When a man has his own children and becomes a father; he begins to look upon all children in a fatherly, protected way; especially if they have daughters.  Most men with daughters would never consider having sex with young women the same age as their own daughters or granddaughters; yet that was exactly what 'Yahowha' did.  Which is something that in my book of life; a fifty-year-old man/father should not do. But, it's that kind of behavior that is being 'swept under the rug' and dismissed and excused in order to continue deifying and hero-worshipping 'Yahowha'; anything to shove the notion of him being an uber father down the throats of an unsuspecting public.  I understand people wanting to find idols and heros to worship and follow; it's what we do in our culture; but let's not idealize or idolize a man who doesn't deserve such reverie.  In my book of life, the father who should be honored and admired is the one who looks upon all children in a protective and fatherly way and who is capable of discerning what is healthy and age-appropriate behavior for themselves; a man who stops and considers what the impact might be, if they were to engage in sexual relations with a young person the same age as their own daughters or granddaughters.  Father Yod/Yahowha blurred the lines of what was sexually appropriate behavior when he decided that he would orchestrate and decide the sexual behavior of everyone in his group, and where he took sexual advantage of the women who joined, who had become enthralled by the perceived power and position of a man who professed being their 'loving spiritual' father.  I will never understand how people can be so intent on the hero-worship of a man who did not look upon the young women surrounding him in a fatherly, protective way; but more in a sexual way, under the guise of being a holy man.  I choose to honor fathers who would never choose magical thinking over medical necessity where children are concerned.  I choose to honor those fathers with daughters; who would never engage in sexual relationships with young women the same age or younger than their own daughters.  That is the kind of man who deserves to be honored on Father's Day; not the construct of 'Yahowha'; a name that Jim Baker adopted, after he became convinced that he had become God and needed to procreate with several of the young women who surrounded him.