Saturday, December 26, 2015

Absurd Pandering Behaviors

As Father Yod gathered more and more of the women who populated The Source Family in becoming what he called 'his' women, the degree of absurd pandering and pampered attention paid to him grew to ludicrous proportions to where he was never left alone, but always had an entourage of women following him around attending to his every need; like when an entourage of his 'women' would even accompany him into the bathroom to 'shake his peepee' for him; lest him have to descend from his 'spiritual height' to perform such a task.  A competition grew among the women who were incessantly vying for Father Yod's attention; some spending their days sitting in indolent rapt attention in his presence; eagerly waiting in anticipation to fulfilling his every need or desire.  This is the degree of sycophantic pandering which ensued around Father Yod and the women who competed for his attention.  In every task performed for Father Yod from making his meals to preparing a cup of coffee for him; he was pampered and treated like royalty and served in a reverent way; where the attendance to the needs of Father Yod took precedence over everything else within the group.  This is the extent of ludicrous behavior which ensued within The Source Family:  the worshipful obeisance in attending to all of the needs and desires of Father Yod; where the rest of 'the family' became more like bystanders or worker drones in the ever-increasing worship and adulation of Father Yod and his queen bee, where his orders and instructions were to be acted upon immediately post haste with unquestioning loyalty and devotion using the most common colloquial phrase in 'the source family' that began with the words, "Father said....", and if not acted upon was seen as being negative or anti-family.  Yet, it is amazing to me how some of Father Yod's most stalwart and staunch lieutenants from that time, now want absolutely no association with having been in The Source Family!  It became a very unhealthy social environment within The Source Family, because if you didn't exhibit a worshipful adoration that was expected towards the 'god' whom Jim Baker had supposedly evolved into, especially when he adopted the name 'Yahowha'; than you were seen as lesser within the social strata of 'the family.'  Because everything revolved around the worshipful adoration and idolization of 'Yahowha', something that is still going on today.  But, hanging on 'Yahowha's' every word as though God had just spoken, along with chanting the name Yahowha, and his women incessantly squealing, "Oh, Yahowha!" became representative of the entire dynamic of The Source Family where everything and everyone revolved around the man who changed his name to Yahowha, who was seen as God incarnate, and providing him with the absolute best of whatever amenities were available.  I recall very well how some of the men and women who looked upon Jim Baker with worshipful adoration and obeisance took their role very seriously.  Some came to believe they were superior in many ways to not only the 'other' people who comprised 'the family', but anyone 'outside'  the Source Family as being lesser or not as spiritually evolved; that is the kind of arrogant, spiritual ego that was cultivated within 'the family'.  A couple of those people who became convinced of their 'superiority' or their roles as 'saviors' of mankind and of their own supreme powers from having sat before 'Yahowha' even tried to gather their own followers after The Source Family ended; with disastrous results; especially when a few of the 'sons' went out trying to replicate life within 'the family' by acquiring/having multiple women, just as their idol 'Yahowha' had done.  Even today, a few of the more devote believe themselves to being 'higher' and more highly evolved than people who did not populate The Source Family, and that somehow they alone are carrying on what they continue to see as 'the great work' of 'Yahowha'; a delusional mindset for anyone to continue to possess, in my opinion.  But, that is one of the tragic results of having spent time in a cult such as The Source Family; whereas some people had an extremely difficult time adjusting back into society, and some continue to behave as though they are still in The Source Family cult; continuing to believe that they are the 'saints' and 'sages' and 'saviors' of the world, and so they have enshrined every word spoken and every action performed by their 'spiritual' leader.  But, I witnessed firsthand many of the people who populated The Source Family spiral out of control when it all ended; unsure what to do next; incapable of adjusting to life outside the cult or making a living where many resorted to drug dealing, some incapable of forming new relationships with people who did not share the same cult mentality or use the same 'source' jargon; as well as witnessing several former family members descend into twenty plus years of either drug or alcohol use, until some rather like born-again Christians have once again embraced deifying 'Yahowha' and promoting all of the practices and beliefs that resulted from that construct, in what I see as renewed absurd behaviors.