Monday, February 1, 2016

Not The Only One

Posted on what has become the Facebook 'chat room' for the few remaining diehard followers of 'Yahowha', a couple of fans & followers and those with a vested financial interest called 'the source family ohana' wall; the one person behind the entire perpetuation of the 'source family'/Father Yod mythos, wrote, "I GUESS every family, every situation and every commune ends up with that one person who makes it their NOW life Mission to make sure everyone is updated on how negative and bad their experience was and how the rest of us are duped spreading unfounded or misunderstood rumors."  OMG!!  Really??  As if it's somehow better to obfuscate and hide the truth about the deaths of babies and the ingesting of semen and menstrual blood for the hero-worship of Jim Baker along with touting only a sanitized, whitewashed or 'magical' account; then definitely consider me that one person!  Nothing that I have written about on this blog is 'unfounded or misunderstood rumors'!  Good grief.  But, it is to be expected from the one person who has built her entire life around the hero-worship of Jim Baker, and who either lies, hides or obfuscates the truth!  But, if this person really thinks that I'm 'the only one' to come out of the experience with something other than happy memories than she is more deluded than I thought.  I don't mind being labeled an 'unhappy or disgruntled' former member, if it means telling the truth about the experience rather than opting for her ridiculous rhetoric around the hero-worship of Jim Baker and all the rest of what I consider to be 'spiritual' gobbledegook.  This is because one person has been allowed to 'run amok' unchallenged for so many years now where the truth has been sacrificed, hidden and buried in order for a couple of people to promote and enrich themselves.  But, I will no longer subscribe to anymore of the whitewashed and idealized storyline or adhere to any scripted phrases just so a couple of people who see themselves as leaders and authorities on both Jim Baker or The Source Family can maintain their public personas in order to pursue their own personal agendas----which is just one of the reasons I started this blog.

But, I am certainly not 'the only one'; I just happen to be the one who decided to speak out publicly to expose all of the unhealthy, sordid, detrimental and tragic things that happened in The Source Family and bring some reality or balance to the unchecked hyperbole perpetuated by a couple of people that up until now has surrounded the whole story.  I am certainly not the only one who was left with disturbing and unsettling feelings and views from being in The Source Family.  There will also always be a few who cling to the past with only their selective idealized memories about what happened while choosing to ignore or deny anything dark or unsettling that doesn't align with their fairy tale version.  It is my belief that people in the world today want to know the truth about everything, rather than only being fed the false outward appearance of something.  Let the person accusing me of being 'the only one' to challenge her embellished and idealized account of things actually respond to the very real things that I have exposed here on this blog such as infant deaths and the practice of 'sex magick' as I have described and let the public read/see her explanations for all of that.  Because what I've been writing about on this blog was more than just having a bad experience at summer camp.  It's time that people are told the truth, rather than just being fed more of the same 'spiritualized' Source Family jargon.  Because, I am certainly not the 'only one' to have come out of The Source Family with horror stories or bad memories; I just happen to be the only one to go so public.

The narrative of one woman whose own entire 'life mission' has been the promotion and exaltation of Jim Baker to deity status has been one of obfuscation and dissembling about the realities or facts about either the 'sex magic' imposed on the group, or the infant deaths that occurred or any of the other sordid things that took place 40 years ago in The Source Family.  There is just no way in hell that I'm going to turn a blind eye anymore or ignore what really happened in exchange for adhering to a glamorized and sensationalized storyline, in order to make it more appealing to the public.  Nor will I maintain a tacit silence, as others have done or attach some kind of pseudo cosmic meaning or significance to all of the harmful, alarming and detrimental things that happened just so one person can maintain their pomposity of being a 'high priestess' or 'temple keeper' as they claim.  So, again I challenge the person trying to dismiss me as being 'the only one' who had a 'bad trip' to openly, publicly and honestly (if that's even possible) address the 'sex magic' called qudosh, and the infant deaths that I have exposed here and allow the public to decide for themselves.

It's time the truth is revealed, rather than the trumped-up Source Family 'values' that's being fobbed off onto the public.  My belief is that once the public has all of the facts----they will decide if Jim Baker's supposed 'aquarian teachings' are worthy of praise or censure.  But, nothing that I have written about on this blog is untrue or did not happen.  Everything that I have written about in this blog actually happened; I just don't attach some made up 'spiritualized' meaning or significance/spin to any of it, as one person continually tries to do.  Covering up the truth or trying to obscure it behind the doctrinaire of 'Yahowha' is how a small handful of devoted followers attempt to circumvent and/or to dismiss or hide/obscure the things that went on in The Source Family that the public would find abhorrent.  But, trying to suppress or hide the truth about what was really going on in The Source Family does a disservice to all of the former members and their children who still feel either anger, regret or moral outrage for being coerced and manipulated into adopting and following the many detrimental or unhealthy practices or beliefs conceived, devised and implemented by an older, delusional man who believed that God had instructed him to sexually penetrate and impregnate other women within the group, regardless of their age and therefore since Jim Baker believed that God was directing him/channeling through him to be an 'earthly spiritual father' to all of his followers, it became essential that everyone within his 'family' follow and adhere to his every word with regards to every aspect of their lives, and as seen in many other cults where the perceived 'divine leader' of the group/cult decides what their followers should believe, and what the 'transcendent belief system' of his cult will be where strict adherence to his belief system becomes necessary, in order to remain in the cult and so every word and action of its 'divine leader' must be followed and obeyed or risk expulsion, and so, if 'the divine leader' says that none of his followers should use modern medicine or seek medical help, then everyone is expected to uphold that belief and adhere to the leader's directive---which is exactly what happened in The Source Family.