Friday, December 2, 2016

Submit At Sea

Needless to say, I was horrified when I saw that three former Source Family cult members were actually going to present Father Yod and The Source Family at the recent Summit At Sea 2016 floating conference!  The sheer lunacy of inviting three former members of a seventies cult to what was touted as being, "the annual cruise for thought leaders and the millennials" beggars belief.  Inviting people to present The Source Family as being aligned with Summit's sustainable, utopian vision would have been laughable, except that it was true.  The only logical explanation for these three people being invited to attend Summit At Sea was that someone knew someone who knew someone and got them invited, while unbeknownst to any of the organizers the darker truths and facts behind the story of Father Yod and The Source Family to have prevented this kind of thing from happening.  It would have made more sense to invite the filmmakers to have them talk about what it was like for them making a film about The Source Family and the restrictions and limitations of that process; especially with so many factors and the diverse pool of former cult members, whom were either not invited or not interviewed for their film, and the filmmakers retrospect on the whole thing, rather than having three former cult members trying to convince conference goers of their whitewashed and sanitized version of things.

I lived in Utah for many years and it is an extremely conservative family-oriented state which would certainly have disdain for the beliefs and practices that went on in The Source Family cult.  The fact that Summit is based in Eden, Utah and their manifesto is the following: “We believe the future will only be as great as the communities that shape it"---it was a shock to see three former members of a cult known as The Source Family actually being invited to Summit At Sea, because nothing that Jim Baker/Father Yod created in his seventies cult was the kind of future that most people would want for their children!  The only future being shaped by Father Yod in his cult of personality was the daily kowtowing and obsequious pandering and servile behavior of a group of sycophantic women and men around an older bearded man, who saw himself as a 'new age' messiah; none of which was either sustainable or healthy!  Certainly none of the so-called 'teachings' of Father Yod which were based on occult and esoteric beliefs many with an almost satanic nature would be acceptable in the state of Utah.  But, as often seen in popular culture, if someone has written a book and then a film is made based on that book, and where many reviews were written about the film; people will accept the superficial appearance of something lacking any understanding beyond the surface, so it's easy to see how these three former cult members got invited to represent the entire defunct Source Family at a conference of millennials. 

How can you present a cult from the seventies as being sustainable, when the entire thing deteriorated into the regular performance of a sexual ritual which involved ingesting semen and menstrual blood; where everyone barely had enough food to eat, after the restaurant was sold and the entire group was relocated to subsist in Hawaii, where there were regular outbreaks of staph and hepatitis with absolutely no medical treatment of any kind?! How can anyone try and pass off The Source Family as being a forerunner of the entire health/natural foods movement going on in the country today, when we did not farm or grow any crops and none of the food that we ate was organic.  The diet in The Source Family was vegetarian, but Jim Baker also heavily believed in everyone eating copious amounts of milk, cream (with coffee), cheese, yogurt and cottage cheese; although those dairy products became scarce, after everyone was sent to Hawaii. 

If the whole purpose of Summit At Sea was 'to create partnerships that will help build a better world' than The Source Family should have been used as an example of the detrimental effects that an authoritarian guru cult had in people's lives certainly not a blueprint for building a better world.  Most of us wanted to forget that we had ever been part of The Source Family, when the whole thing finally ended and were embarrassed even ashamed admitting that we had accepted and followed the deluded and misguided beliefs of Jim Baker, who could not keep his you-know-what under his robe and yet for years many of us had handed over our personal power and decisions to him.

It is my belief, that to build a better world you should NOT do any of the following:  1)  allow one man to collect/gather followers around him where that man is seen as a 'spiritual' teacher or father 2) allow one man to dictate what everyone will eat/wear/behave; especially with regards to sexual behavior 3) have a sexual ritual imposed on everyone which involved ingesting the menstrual blood of women 4) allow babies to languish and perish because of some medieval belief in avoiding medical treatment and modern medicine 5) castigate and disenfranchise anyone in the group who doesn't strictly adhere to one man's beliefs and teachings 6) direct and instruct women their only true purpose or duty in life was to be of service to a man 7) instill in all male followers they are gods and that women are there to serve them 8) allow staph infections and hepatitis to go untreated 9) to hold magical and delusional beliefs and to instill those beliefs into the minds of children.  I could go on and on, but the above nine items are enough to give anyone interested in building a better world to understand that presenting The Source Family as being a bellwether or forerunner in anything healthy or sustainable was a complete contradiction.  People should learn from the past, not try to promote something that became unhealthy and unsustainable as being a forerunner or leader of the future.  The Source Family should be seen as the poster child of what happened when people joined a guru cult from the seventies and the detrimental effects it had in their lives, not a shining ideal or example for the future.  Having one older man demand that any young women, whom that man learned were having their monthly periods were then ordered to perform a sexual ritual called qudosh often with not one, but multiple men or 'sons', as the man called his male disciples who were told they had to ingest the women's menstrual blood; although all of that is hidden and kept from view from the public, because absolutely everything that has been published about The Source Family has been sanitized where any mention of the sexual ritual called qudosh has been carefully removed by those who continue to promote Father Yod and The Source Family.