Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Feeding Frenzy

In an earlier post titled 'Sex That Was Not Magic', I wrote about the ceremonial 'sex magic' referred to as qudosh by Father Yod which he enthusiastically adopted and implemented into the 'magical' practice of The Source Family; a sexual ritual that he contrived and adopted after reading books by Aleister Crowley.  Scroll down to Cake of Light  Jim Baker interpreted and adopted the Cake of Light sexual ritual calling it qudosh and then proceeded to impose that ritual on the entire Source Family.  The practice of qudosh imposed by Jim Baker was something that the majority of former members feel shame and regret about to this day.  Only the most entrenched, devoted followers of Father Yod's/Yahowha's continue to try and idealize and whitewash the practice of qudosh, as if it was some kind of sacred teaching only to be shared with true devoted followers.  The reality was that most former members like myself never wanted to participate in the sexual ritual of qudosh and avoided it whenever possible, and to this day would rather forget it ever happened.  

The practice of qudosh involved the men having sex with one of the women in 'the family' while she was menstruating which was labeled 'flowing.'  If a woman was 'flowing', it meant that she was having her period.  The practice of qudosh centered around a woman who was 'flowing' in The Source Family and became the pinnacle of Father Yod's 'teachings', but when one former male family member interviewed in the film referred to 'the introduction of blood'; his comments were edited out from the final cut, after a backlash from a few former 'family' members due to his revealing comments.  Keeping a lid on qudosh is the number one intent of those who are trying to promote Father Yod and The Source Family as being some kind of happy and healthy uber 'new age' group; people who refuse to publicly talk about much less reveal the practice of qudosh; feigning an air of possessing 'esoteric secrets', and to imply that only the worthy or chosen 'initiate' should know about it.  When in reality it's all about hiding the truth, especially by those who are promoting The Source Family and all of the sundry merchandise; who dissemble when asked about the 'sexual practices' that went on in 'the family', but who also have 40 year old children of their own and grandchildren whom they would probably be mortified to have them find out or learn about the practices that actually went on in The Source Family.  The practice of qudosh is considered the pinnacle or the 'highest' teaching by the most fervid followers and devotees (diehards) of Father Yod/Yahowha.  The mixing of a man's semen with the menstrual blood of a woman was considered the highest of Father Yod's 'teachings' and was the reason why any woman who was having her period or 'flowing' in the family became a resource and was expected to perform qudosh with any number of men in 'the family.'  Yet, as awful as that sounds; that was the absolute reality of what life was like in The Source Family.  

Also, women were not allowed to use tampons or pads of any kind, none of the normal everyday products that women use today!  The women in 'the family' were forced to use what were called 'cuppie towels', a small (sometimes large) square of usually terry cloth that she had to use throughout the entire course of her monthly period!  The term 'cuppie towel' was the cutesy name used in 'the family' for something that caught the 'flow' or period from a woman's vagina or 'cup', a word where Father Yod likened a woman's vagina with magical symbology to that of a chalice or cup that a man would dip his penis or magic 'wand'.  The act of a woman performing qudosh with one of the men in the family was referred to as a 'feeding.'  If a man performed qudosh with one of the women in 'the family', it was said that he was being 'fed.'  This 'feeding' sons became the most predominate and important in Jim Baker's arsenal of 'magical' beliefs and practices, and something that he imposed on the entire group; especially by instructing some of 'his' women or the women whom he surrounded himself to perform with multiple men or 'sons' in the family.  Soon women in 'the family' devised ways to avoid having to perform what was viewed as a revolting practice, and in my mind an epic form of 'abuse of power' by a man who was viewed as our 'spiritual' teacher or leader!  Any woman with the title of 'mother/angel' who was considered a 'woman of Yahowha' was expected to 'feed' any number of sons in The Source Family, and although a few women were able to escape having to perform this ritual simply by avoidance or flat-out refusal, many with the title 'mother/angel' were expected to perform what many saw as a repugnant ceremony adopted by Father Yod/Yahowha.  The practice of 'feeding' the sons in The Source Family has left behind a wake of remorse and regret among the majority of the women and men who populated Jim Baker's 'family', and is the number one reason that many former members want no affiliation with The Source Family any longer.  Many of the women now feel and believe they were taken advantage of and pressured/coerced by Father Yod in his misguided and debauched belief that a woman's menstrual blood would give him the absolute power and wisdom of the universe, by adopting some of the sexual beliefs and practices of Aleister Crowley.  If that alone is not enough to turn people off to Father Yod and The Source Family; I don't know what else will; but I can firmly attest there was no higher consciousness achieved in having the women in 'the family' being forced to 'feed' the men in the group.  

A 'feeding frenzy' incurred where much of daily life within the group revolved around the performance of qudosh; to such an extreme that even after Father Yod jumped off the cliff in Hawaii and died; a schedule was created by his 'council' of women and maintained as a checklist of which men or 'sons' had been 'fed.'  Any and all women were expected to perform qudosh, but most of all the women who were with Father Yod who were given the title of 'mother/angel'; the task of 'feeding' sons mainly fell to them; although some avoided the directive by shifting the task to new, unsuspecting women referred to as 'angels'.  Any new woman joining The Source Family was immediately given the task of 'feeding' sons.  So, please I encourage anyone who might be the least bit enthralled with the story of Father Yod and The Source Family, after watching the 2012 film to know and understand that the sexual practice of qudosh that was imposed on an entire group of men and women by Jim Baker, became a source of shame and regret for the majority of women and men who comprised The Source Family, with the exception of those who want to promote themselves as being 'leaders' of the 'new age', and profit from the sales of Source Family merchandise.  Behind all of the hype about 'aquarian fashion and lifestyle' of The Source Family that some are presenting to the public is the carefully guarded sexually deviant practice of qudosh and the 'feedings' that were expected of the women who populated 'the family' that has not been revealed to the public, until now.