Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cult Is Cult

I recently watched a documentary about how the Nazi party was formed around the occult beliefs of Heinrich Himmler; the head of Hitler's SS who was a devout believer in Madame Helena Blavatsky's teachings, "German occultists and racists embraced Blavatsky's idea of being descended from superior Aryan god-men", a quote from the site/blog with a section about Blavatsky that I have linked below.  So, it creeped me out recalling how Father Yod was also influenced by Helena Blatvatsky.  Another writer who had a major influence on Jim Baker was the theosophist and writer Mabel Collins; so it was not surprising when he declared that both M Blatvatsky and M Collins had 'reincarnated' into The Source Family!  But, of course!  The pervading theme of a superior race of people was something that Himmler believed in; as well as did Jim Baker, and even though Himmler used his occult beliefs in forming the Nazi party which would eventually reign down death, destruction and annihilation; he still believed that he was divinely inspired with a preordained purpose.  So, the reason that I'm making a correlation between the 'cult' of Nazi and The Source Family cult is only to make this point:  that belief in the occult and the practice of occult ceremonial magic, whether used for 'good' or 'bad' purposes is still indicative of delusional thinking which reinforces those who believe they can access 'unseen' 'magical' powers of the universe to achieve their goals.  Adopting occult magic or 'magical' belief systems is folly in my mind, even if someone ardently believes that it is for 'the benefit of mankind.'  Himmler believed that his occult beliefs were for the benefit of the German people, just like Jim Baker believed his adopting occult beliefs and practices were for the benefit of The Source Family, as well as for all of mankind.  But, after spending six years in The Source Family and practicing what Father Yod was extolling; I believe that the occult practices and beliefs that Jim Baker read about and adopted from the writings of Manly P Hall, Aleister Crowley, Helena Blavatsky or Mabel Collins are certainly not worthy of perpetuating or creating a following around, because it was those writers who had the most profound effect and influence on what Jim Baker came to believe, and were the source for much of the beliefs that he instilled in his own followers in The Source Family.  The following statement from the site linked below makes perfect sense in explaining why someone like Jim Baker, a man who saw himself as a 'spiritual' father or teacher and leader bringing Eastern spirituality to the Western world, would readily adopt the words of M Blavatsky, "Madame Blavatsky was the first person to bring Eastern Indian spirituality to the Western world.  Words and concepts such as karma, reincarnation, consciousness, kundalini, meditation, yoga, aura, OM, mantras, tantra, chakras, prana, akasha etc are now familiar, if only in a small way, to almost everyone in the West."  But in all cults throughout history; total and complete submission and adherence to the cult leaders edicts is a necessary component in order for the cult to endure.  The Nazi also believed in the 'superior genetic material' of the Aryan race being spread through the unbridled sexual servicing of all Nazi men by German women; a similar belief that Father Yod held about spreading his own perceived 'superior' genetic material to create a super race of 'new age' more highly evolved 'aquarian' children within his own group of devoted followers.  Occult beliefs and practices are all one and the same when it comes down to it; whether someone tries to distinguish between a 'white magician' or a 'dark' one; it still involves ritualistic practice and belief in forces beyond the visible world waiting to fulfill our innermost desires and perceived purpose in life, by simply invoking its power.  In the very early beginnings when Jim Baker was forming The Brotherhood of The Source; many of us thought it was rather fun and exciting to chant and use/repeat magical incantations meant to 'call upon' the powers and forces that were believed to dwell in other realms unseen to our eyes; like invoking the lords in 'the Halls of Amenti' deep inside the earth's core that were to be taken on faith actually existed and would convey 'magical powers' to anyone who knew the 'magic' words to invoke their powers.  This is the kind of thing that Jim Baker based his 'teachings' upon.  Jim Baker set about convincing all who joined The Brotherhood of The Source, that they belonged to an esoteric 'mystery school' whose sole purpose was unlocking the 'mysteries of the universe' by following and believing the writings of Blavatsky, Collins and Manly P Hall and reciting the 'magical' incantations found in their books.  Jim Baker's 'teachings' were a hodgepodge of 'kundalini yoga' practices and beliefs that he had learned and adopted while in Yogi Bhajan's cult, and all of the mystical, magical incantations and beliefs in the writings of some of the world's most visible 'magical thinkers' and writers of theosophy and mysticism.  A belief in the occult and the powers that could be attained was the foundation of the Nazi party; as well as in The Source Family cult.  Although the analogy of the cult of Nazi sharing similar beliefs and attributes to that of The Source Family will infuriate the most fervid followers of Father Yod's exclaiming him to have been a 'white magician' and not a magician of the 'dark' arts; I believe that in order to gain clarity and perspective into how cults are formed and how they exist and function; you need to have a broader understanding of the origins of the belief systems of a particular cult, and how people will willingly submit and eagerly adopt a belief system that offers a 'magical solution' to their problems; just as the German people willingly adopted the Nazi belief system.  Because throughout history, people who are searching for a better life and more power or control in their lives' will often embrace 'occult' practices and beliefs including ceremonies and incantations; but which has never resulted in happy endings or lives that were improved.  The Source Family is a perfect example of a group of people attempting to use 'magical' thinking and incantations in order to achieve power and control in their own lives, but after forty years of nobody having anything to show for their endeavors, but just more of the same worn-out ineffectual repetition of the phrases and sayings adopted and used by Father Yod.  If the result of people having been in The Source Family cult, after forty years time; was one of complete and utter achievement and success among it's former members; than that might offer some proof of the efficacy of Father Yod's 'teachings.'  The only proven result of being in The Source Family, that I have seen has been a few diehards trying desperately to create a mythos around Father Yod and sell 'source family' branded merchandise, along with maintaining an artifice by some of possessing divine powers or wisdom.  Although I did witness a wake of messed up people's lives, long term drug and alcohol use, broken and failed marriages and relationships, and an epic inability for many to function in 'normal' society. Historically time and time again the human toll of being in cults has resulted in nothing but residual emotional suffering and long-term damage.  For me, being in The Source Family only brought an awakening and realization that 'occult' magic simply does not exist, but only in the minds of those intent on pursuing their own agendas.  The people in Germany were looking for a 'magic solution' back in the 1930's which paved the way for a madman to gain power and control based on the belief of a 'chosen' race of people and a 'divine' mission or providence to inspire and enthrall.  Jim Baker may not have been a sadistic madman like Himmler or Hitler, but he did believe in and adopt 'magical thinking' and 'occult magic' to persuade a group of people to follow him.  My personal advice to anyone enchanted or mesmerized by the seemingly outward appearance or story of Father Yod and The Source Family as being 'leaders' of a 'new age' would be to look askance at the entire thing as something to avoid at all costs and to know that there are no 'secret teachings' or 'magical powers' or esoteric knowledge to be gained or acquired by following or adopting the 'teachings' of Father Yod; who like so many throughout history believed they were 'divinely' chosen and divinely inspired by a 'higher power.'  It is my belief that if everything that Jim Baker aka Father Yod/Yahowha was espousing and extolling like practicing 'the mystic road' or reciting the 'birth litany' from a book by Mabel Collins were so powerful and effective that the world would have seen the results in the repetition of those practices and beliefs by now!  But, that's not the case.  Even after forty years; not one person from The Source Family has gone on to 'change the world' by repeating the words or practicing any of the ceremonies extolled by Jim Baker.  You would think that if Father Yod's 'teachings' were so powerful and profoundly effective that the results would be evident by now, but that has certainly not been the case.

Here is a link to read about the Halls of Amenti.