Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Archives My Ass

The rallying cry of one person promoting Father Yod and The Source Family is a redundant worn-out proclamation about 'saving the archives.'  The so-called 'archives' that one person is constantly referring consists of the following:  photographs and videos shot/taken by various people who were in 'the family', but whose photographs and videos were expropriated by one person who began her acquisition of absolutely everything that she could get her hands on, over the course of time The Source Family existed.  As one former member recalls, "we all had containers of personal items, but hers was bigger than anyone else!"  That is because this one person would take/commandeer/demand people to turn over any/everything of a material nature to her, under the false pretense of carrying out Father Yod's orders of keeping 'everything' in a centralized location; when in reality this one person seized for herself something that should have belonged to everybody who comprised The Source Family, and which should have been shared with all of the other former members rather than used for the self-promotion and aggrandizement of one person.  Taking and commandeering the material possessions of anyone new joining the group, to be sold and/or contributed to the entire group was also something that was carried out by the more aggressive 'family' members.  But, clearly what happened was that one person just acquired everything they could get their hands on, full well knowing and planning what they would do with all of it at some future point in time; which was to claim everything belonged to them to exploit for their own self-promotion.  Nothing was beyond this one person's reach or grasp; from drawings and artwork done by the children to every single photograph or scrap of paper that she observed another 'family' member to have in their possession.  But, her acquisition of other people's 'stuff' didn't end when 'the family' ended, but continues unabated.  No, this person continued to confiscate by persuading other former family members to 'send her their tapes' or anything they had from 'the source family' days; giving them the impression that she was only borrowing their tapes or photographs or items that would be returned to them.  Not the case!  Because once this  person got her hands on something/anything that had to do with either Father Yod or The Source Family; she held on to it tightly claiming ownership.  This is how it was during 'the family' days; and continues to be the case.  Even parents who have lost their children, since the family; are not allowed copies of photographs where their own children were present.  I know of two women who were in The Source Family, who joined in the early days with their small children; children who passed away years after 'the family' dispersed; but neither of these women has ever been offered any of the photographs taken during the 'family days' where their children were pictured.  One woman came into The Source Family with her two young daughters; two little girls who spent years of their young lives in 'the family' with their mother; and even though she has since tragically lost both of her daughters; this woman has never been offered or allowed to have copies of photographs from 'the source family' days where her little daughters were present!  What a simple act of kindness that would be, to offer both women who have lost their children; copies of photographs from when their children were little!  Especially since few people had access to a camera, during the entire Source Family and so for anyone to have photographs of their children from that time, are greatly appreciated.  There are others who are not allowed to have copies of photographs of their deceased family members; like the woman whose two sisters joined 'the family' along with her, and who lost one of her beloved sisters in an automobile accident; who is not allowed to have any photos where her sister was present, or the man whose own biological mother and brother joined 'the family', but is not allowed copies of any photos where his now deceased mother was pictured.  I am also among those whose requests for copies has been denied; especially my constant request to be allowed to have a copy of the video footage of my son's Dad performing his song Woman Beyond The Sun that was used during the credit roll in the 2012 documentary; although I have offered repeatedly to bear the cost of having a copy made along with their time.  Yet, I have never been allowed to have a copy of that video clip for my son to have of his Dad performing!  Having photographs of your deceased family members can mean so much to a person, yet nobody who was in The Source Family has ever been allowed to have copies of their deceased loved ones.  Any and all requests just fall on deaf ears, and are given varying lame excuses of why it's not possible.  The denial of former members of The Source Family to be allowed to have copies of photographs of themselves, their children and deceased family members has been going on for a very long time, by the one person who continues to grasp and hold on tightly to every single photograph from The Source Family time, in what can only be described as a selfish and paranoid fear that someone else who was in 'the family' might take and use/publish photographs that she has used to promote herself!  Yet, this same person claims to be a 'high priestess'!  In my opinion, the person who continues to claim herself to be a 'high priestess' is really overreaching, because to not go out of her way just a little to have copies of photographs made to send to people whom this women spent years with in The Source Family calling them her 'brothers and sisters' cannot seem to find it in her heart to even perform that simple act of kindness; does not seem either 'high' or 'priestly', but rather small and miserly.  For someone who is continually extolling 'aquarian values and virtues' that Father Yod and The Source Family supposedly represented; their own lack of compassion towards the people who populated 'the family' seems a glaring contradiction; especially since it is the exploitation of all the stories and photographs and music of those people who comprised The Source Family that has been the vehicle for one woman to promote herself.  This is the degree of greedy, selfish grasping obsession of anything material from The Source Family that one woman is determined to keep all to herself; never offering to share/copy photographs or videos with anyone else who shared space with her while in The Source Family.  The woman's only defense in her taking everything that she possibly could when the family abruptly and quickly dispersed is, 'nobody came to me and asked me for anything.'  It all came down to having access, and one person had access and so they grabbed and took whatever they could when 'the family' was dispersing.  So the lame excuse offered is complete rubbish, because everyone who was there, knows very well that there was no way in hell that this woman would have shared or given anyone asking anything!  We were all frantically trying to figure out what we were going to do and where we were going to go, when the decision was made that The Source Family would end and that we would all go our separate ways; but the woman's lame excuse certainly doesn't apply to the past forty years where a centralized online location for all former 'source family' members could have been created where the cost of having duplicate photographs or videos made would have been mitigated.  Yet, this woman who claims to be a 'high priestess' and a 'temple keeper' among other lofty titles has never offered to share a single thing with anyone else who was with her in The Source Family!  Never once has this woman offered to share a single thing with any of the other former 'source family' members, because she believes/feels that everything belongs to her, since she expropriated every single thing that she could get her hands on, and held on to it for the past forty years.  I remember after the family ended; for a time many of us remained in the Kailua area; and this woman was living with her husband and daughter practically across the street from Tim and I.  Tim and I even went over to visit;  but never once during that entire time did she offer anything to either Tim or me that she had taken/left with when the family dispersed.  This woman was holding on to cassette tape recordings of Tim (still is), and photographs and videos of both Tim and me and our son; but never offered to share anything from the experience with either of us!  Nothing!  Ever!  Instead, she went on to use everything that she took with her, when the family dispersed to promote herself; using/exploiting the stories and photographs and music of other people as a vehicle to promote and enrich herself; never offering a single thing to anyone else who spent years of their life alongside her in The Source Family.  Anyone who spent years of their life in The Source Family should be allowed access to photographs of their deceased children, siblings, husbands, and friends from that time!  Children who have lost a parent should be allowed copies of either photographs or videos where their parent was pictured.  But, that has never been the case.  But, after forty years time of grasping/holding on to every single photograph and every single thing that she possibly could; at this point in time there is no way in hell that this person has any intention of allowing any of the other 'former' family members to have a damn thing, with the exception of buying the coffee table book of 'source family' photographs that one person is putting together in order to publish!  Yes, hopefully the photographs of deceased family members will find their way into the new, upcoming 'source' coffee table book, in order for people to purchase at some exorbitant coffee table book price to have some memory of their loved ones.  Who says there isn't justice in the world.  But, so much for 'brother & sisterhood.'  Also, the one person who has been holding hostage the family photographs of everyone who comprised The Source Family has pledged to 'donate' everything that she has in her possession to the UC at Santa Barbara library.  So, there will be another alternative for anyone who wants to view photographs of themselves or their own family members or deceased children; they will be able to travel to Santa Barbara and ask if they can please view the photographs and artwork of the children or family members they have lost.