Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Delusion Continues

One of the sad, but remarkable things about The Source Family, something which ended in 1976 after its spiritual leader, Jim Baker died a year earlier in an ill-advised hang gliding attempt; is how some of its former members insist on keeping it all going.  There are those who continue to exalt Jim Baker and to immortalize him, along with the perpetuation and presentation of former family members as being 'special' and 'chosen'; some claiming lofty titles such as 'high priestess' and 'keeper of the temple'.  There are some who want to create a mythos around Father Yod and The Source Family.  There are some former family members who continue to go by the name that Jim Baker gave them forty years ago, something that facebook has become increasingly intolerant of people who use these fictitious names.  Those individuals who still only go by the 'aquarian' name that Jim Baker gave them over forty years ago attach some kind of special status to their names; some to such an extreme that their entire identities are wrapped up in those names.  The personal boundaries of each and every individual were blurred and trespassed upon in The Source Family and in many ways continues to be the case where a creepy familiarity is perpetuated in order to make people feel they still belong to 'the club', in order to give the appearance of a unified group of people being behind the continued sales and marketing of 'source family' items by one individual with a financial investment in 'selling' Jim Baker and the story of The Source Family to the public.  The people who want to profit off the story of Father Yod and The Source Family desperately try to give the appearance of an entire group of former 'source family' members behind them which is just not true.  Jim Baker was constantly elaborating and expounding on how The Source Family and its members were going to lead the way for the rest of humanity; a belief that some former family members relished and continue to believe in and embrace.  But, the thing is; that both Tim Garon and I along with others wanted nothing more to do with The Source Family, after we all dispersed in 1976; but no one has been allowed to extricate ourselves from being included in the revival and resuscitation of the defunct Source Family!  You would think that after forty years; anyone who would rather not have their photos or their identity or their music included in the continued proliferation and promotion of The Source Family would be allowed to do so!  But, that is not the case.  Every individual who was in The Source Family is forced to have their photographs, their stories and their voices and music taken and used in the ongoing self-promotion of one woman who feels she has the inherent right to profit off the entire life story of Jim Baker and as being the only 'authority' on what was once The Source Family.  Tim Garon and I wanted nothing more to do with The Source Family, after it all ended in 1976; yet the imperious and impervious attitudes of some former members feel they know better and so they have taken and used Tim's music; placing their stamp of ownership on his songs by labeling it as 'Source Family music' entering into distribution and licensing agreements with outside entities like Drag City to sell/distribute albums containing Tim's songs and doing all of that without any written agreements!  The same individuals also refuse to allow Tim's son/our son to have a copy of the video of his own Dad performing his song Woman Beyond The Sun that was used in their documentary without even giving Tim an iota of credit!  Selfish, greedy, grasping individuals concerned with their own self-interests and self-promotion ignore every other former member who doesn't support them or agree with what they're doing in their ongoing promotion of The Source Family.  It's the same kind of arrogant and imperious spiritual ego that was prevalent in the group forty years ago when Jim Baker nurtured it which still exists today.  It's the same kind of entitlement that was nurtured and fed during 'the family' where some transgressed the personal boundaries of others by taking and commandeering their personal effects.  One individual continues to take and use, cut up and paste together photographs of former members in order to further the delusion that The Source Family still exists, and no matter how many times you may ask or implore this person to please not take and use either your own image or that of your own actual family members in the continued promotion of 'the source family'; your request is denied.  But, to understand this delusional mindset better that some former Source Family members continue to exhibit; you have to understand how Jim Baker aka Father Yod aka Yahowha created it and encouraged, nurtured humongous egos with the belief that those in The Source Family were the 'saints and sages' and 'world saviors' of the 'Golden Age' or 'The Aquarian Age'; heady stuff to be told by someone whom you'd adopted as your 'earthly spiritual father'; yet a deluded magical thinking that some former family members continue to possess.  As found in any cult, its members adopt an 'us versus them' mentality where they view/see themselves as being separate and apart from the rest of humanity, even as seeing themselves as 'guardians' or 'saviors' of mankind.  This was the kind of imperious and arrogant 'spiritual ego' or attitude that was implanted and cultivated by Jim Baker in the minds of the individuals who comprised his 'family' who saw themselves as 'the guardian wall' of the world, and whether anyone wants to separate from or distance themselves completely from any and all association with The Source Family out of sheer embarrassment is unable to do that; and the people who still use the last name of 'Aquarian' continue to promote and perpetuate the deluded belief that The Source Family still exists.